TVs occupy prime real estate in guest rooms, but they’re often overlooked when it comes to improving guest experience. The common assumption is that guests only superficially engage with them, either skimming through channels or letting a news broadcast play in the background.

With Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), the in-room television is undergoing a renaissance. Not only have its entertainment options expanded, but guests can also place room service orders, contact customer support and enjoy personalized service through the in-room TV.

How does IPTV work?
In IPTV, audiovisual content is transmitted to the guest room TV using internet protocols. Additionally, the IPTV can be synced with the guest’s smart devices, enabling them to stream content directly from their mobile phone, tablet and personal OTT accounts.

The IPTV also serves as a channel through which guests can access the hotel app. Hospitality platforms designed by Hudini are omnichannel applications that can be operated on the guest’s mobile devices as well as the IPTV, in-room tablet and phone. This transforms the TV from an entertainment platform to a vital touchpoint for guest engagement.

How are hotels leveraging IPTVs?

Hotels that are keen to improve guest satisfaction deploy IPTVs to deliver curated content and customize services.


More channel options: Traditional hospitality TVs offer a limited number of channels, which might not feature the content that guests are looking for. IPTVs offer a wider range of international and local channels spanning news, entertainment, sports, music and lifestyle.

Streaming through smart devices: The IPTV can be easily synced with the guest’s mobile devices and OTT accounts, so that they can enjoy their favorite content in the comfort of their hotel room.

Video on demand: With IPTV’s video-on-demand functionality, guests are no longer restricted by pre-set programming schedules. Instead, they can watch content of their choice at their convenience.

High-quality streaming: With a stable internet connection, hotels can ensure superior image clarity and uninterrupted streaming quality on IPTVs.

Specially curated content: Hotels are using IPTV as a platform to extend wellness programs as well. For example, Hudini recently partnered with wellness technology platform Three Sages to provide fitness and meditation routines in hotel rooms. Guests can now select a Three Sages program on the IPTV and workout or meditate in their rooms.


Branding and updates: The IPTV acts as an in-room digital display board, showcasing visually-rich content about the hotel as well as the latest events and activities on offer.

Interactive features: The IPTV also serves as an interface for the hotel’s guest experience app. The ones powered by Hudini, for instance, enable guests to interact with the IPTV to make restaurant reservations and spa appointments, order food, adjust housekeeping schedules and use the 24×7 chatbot facility.

Multilingual support: The hotel app’s chatbot, which can also be accessed via IPTV, acts as the guest’s very own digital concierge. It’s also conversant in several languages, making guests feel at ease while making requests and placing orders.


Welcome messages: Hotels can display unique welcome messages using media-rich content that showcases the property in the best light. They can also pick which events and activities to display to a particular guest based on their interests and itinerary.

Customized suggestions: Based on the data generated by guest interactions, the IPTV can suggest content that guests might prefer. Similarly, the hotel app learns from previous orders and requests that the guest made to suggest dishes and services that are more relevant to them.

For IPTV to function optimally, hotels must maintain internet connectivity with a high bandwidth while ensuring data and security. With technology evolving at an unprecedented level, regular updates are also essential in order to achieve the desired results. Does this require a significant investment? Yes. Yet, hotels must also consider how guest expectations are becoming more tech-aligned. A study by Hospitality Technology found that 76% of guests were willing to pay a premium at hotels offering technology that’s important to them. 73% of the respondents also went on to say that they’d give preference to these hotels during their next visit. For hotels that are ready to rise to the occasion, IPTV presents a valuable opportunity.